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Rajkumar (Kannada), conceived as Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju on April 24, 1929, kicked the bucket on April 12, 2006, was an on-screen character and artist in Kannada film industry. He predominantly worked in Karnataka and has won grants for his work.

"Dr. Raj" (well known name) with earned title "Natasarvabhouma" (which means ruler of acting) held ubiquity in both Karnataka and other Indian states. His essential perspective about his fans was "I don't know whether I will ever see God. Be that as it may, for me every one of the individuals who are collected here are my Gods. Fans call him "Annavru" (Kannada: ಅಣ್ಣಾವ್ರು, Big Brother) with fondness. He acted in more than 200 Kannada motion pictures in a vocation crossing more than five decades. The vast majority of his motion pictures were epic movies in Kannada film industry. He was likewise an understood vocalist, as a playback artist and of reverential melodies. His voice is alluded as kogile kanta (the voice of a Koel) .

Early life

Rajkumar was conceived on April 24, 1929 in a Kannada talking family at Gajanur, in the past Kingdom of Mysore. The town is presently situated in the Erode area of Tamil Nadu along its outskirt with Karnataka His primary language is Kannada. His dad, Singanalluru Puttaswamayya, who was a theater craftsman and his mom, Lakshmamma, named their eldest child Mutturaju after Lord Muthathi Raya. His name was changed to "Rajkumar" (which means Prince) after his film debut.Later Dr.Rajkumar

Movie profession 

Rajkumar began his profession as a theater craftsman with his dad in a troupe drove by the unbelievable Gubbi Veeranna. It arrived that Rajkumar sharpened his acting and singing aptitudes.

Bedara Kannappa, a 1954 Kannada dialect motion picture, denoted his entrance into the film world. This motion picture was coordinated by H L N Simha who additionally dedicated him Rajkumar. Rajkumar would utilize the same name for whatever remains of his life. He later forayed into film generation with the enormously famous Ranadheera Kanteerava which he delivered with another legend of Kannada silver screen, Balakrishna. This motion picture which was made solely with professionals from Karnataka additionally denoted the start of undeniable film making in Karnataka.One of the record-breaking popular melody "Shivappa Kaayo tande" was from his first motion picture. Dr. Rajkumar was additionally a standout amongst the most flexible performing artists in Indian silver screen. His character delineations extended from parody to activity, from darling to twofold/triple parts, from legendary characters to depiction of current social causes. He acted with the most prevalent champions in southern Indian silver screen, for example, Pandaribai, Leelavathi, Lakshmi, Ambika, Manjula, Jayamala, Jayachitra, Mahalaxmi, Kalpana, Jayanti, Bharati, Aarathi, Jayaprada, Madhavi, Geetha, Sarita, Gayatri and others from neighboring states. He acted with numerous chiefs of the south Indian silver screen from B.R. Pantulu, Puttanna Kanagal to Shankar Nag and Nagabharana. Except for one Telugu film called "Kalahasti Mahathyam" he acted just in Kannada movies.Prithviraj Kapoor acted in the motion picture Saakshatkara in the part of Dr. Rajkumar's dad.

In his lifetime, Dr. Rajkumar acted in 206 Kannada motion pictures, barring visitor appearances. He possessed a film creation organization called Vajreshwari Production, which delivered movies under the flag of Dakshayani Combines. Bhagyada Bagilu was his 100th film and Devatha Manushya was his 200th movie.Rajkumar the on-screen character one who never swung to different dialects, despite having a gigantic request and opportunities to be in. He took an interest in a few challenge walks, for example, "Gokak Chaluvali" for the welfare of Kannada and Karnataka. At whatever point there is a risk to the sway of the way of life and individuals of Kannada, he generally took the authority. That is the reason still individuals of Kannada takes after him as their own sibling and dependably keeps him in their heart.

Two of his most well known exhibitions were in his own creations: Kaviratna Kalidasa and Shankar-Guru. He created films in light of celebrated Kannada books. He was capably upheld by his companion and script essayist Chi. Udayashankar. He marked movies strictly when discussion with his sibling, S.P. Varadaraju. He picked stories that more often than not had a social message for the group of onlookers. He likewise made numerous motion pictures against social shades of malice. One such motion picture is Shabdavedi which is against the fiendishness of medications.

He never smoked a stogie/cigarette or went about as a heavy drinker in any of his films (with the exception of a couple in the beginning of his vocation). All things considered, as well, he was a non-smoker and non-alcoholic and kept up an elevated expectation of living, performing day by day Yogasanas and taking after a strict eating regimen.

In spite of the fact that he had various opportunities to attempt his hand at Indian legislative issues attributable to his mass tailing, he shunned himself entering dynamic governmental issues centering his vitality exclusively towards craftsmanship and silver screen. His last film was Shabdhavedi.

Singing vocation 

Dr. Rajkumar was additionally surely understood as an artist. He is the main performer in India, who got a national recompense for the singing. This honor was given to him for the melody "Naadamaya" for the film "Jeevana Chaitra" He sang numerous reverential tunes too. He had prepared in established music while in Gubbi Veranna's show troupe. Around then it was required for everybody to in any event have a working information of traditional music. He had sung a tune in the motion picture Mahishasura Mardini with G K Venkatesh as the music executive. Rajkumar be that as it may, did not turn into an undeniable vocalist until his tremendously well known tune Yare Koogadali from the motion picture Sampathige Sawal. Before his singing in Sampathige Sawal, Rajkumar's tunes were sung by Dr. P B Srinivas. He used to call PBS "Shaareera" while he alluded to himself as 'Shareera'. Raj had a decent voice and every one of his tunes are famous. He exceeded expectations in singing a wide range of melodies from sentimental to intensely established. After Yare Koogadali he sang for the greater part of his motion pictures and for some private collections which were for the most part reverential collections. His tune interpretations would extend from unadulterated established to disco and quick numbers to emotion.

In spite of the fact that his singing was enormously refreshing, his devotees of the times of high contrast motion pictures in the 1960s and 1970s, swear by the way that his actual character was P B Srinivas, who did the playback singing for the greater part of Rajkumar's films, until Rajkumar himself began to sing. PBS kept singing for him in a hefty portion of the motion pictures in which Rajkumar featured in twofold/triple parts. A huge sample is the motion picture Babruvahana in which Rajkumar plays both Arjuna and Babruvahana wherein PBS sang for Arjuna while Rajkumar sang for Babruvahana.

In his last years, Rajkumar had loaned his voice to a couple of different performers and sang numerous foundation performances. One such melody which holds an interesting qualification was for the film Muddina Maava wherein he had given playback to the unbelievable vocalist S.P.Balasubramaniyam, who had acted in the motion picture. This is most likely an uncommon event where a performing artist sings for an artist, which is presumably unmatched in the realm of silver screen. He had sung numerous reverential tunes on Hanuman and Sri Raghavendra Swamiji. One of his most acclaimed melodies is "Huttidare Kannada naadalli hutta beku".

The dramatic foundation he had since youth truly helped him in going about and singing. Proficient at rendering his voice to various mind-sets - sentimental, wistful, reverential and semi-traditional, his melodies about Kannada dialect and culture, for example, Jenina holeyo, Maanavanagi huttidmele and Huttidare Kannadanadinalli Hutabeku are enormously prominent. He even sang a complete English melody in one of his bond movies. Interestingly, he loaned voice for SPB in Muddina Mava and comic Narasimharaju in Devasundari.

Naadamaya, a traditional tune in Raga Thodi, which won him the national honor for best playback singing demonstrates his flexibility as a vocalist with its mind boggling graces as it advances with different ragas. He switches between ragas easily and sings Swara designs simply like an expert. Kalidasa's shlokas, tunes which depend on ghazals such as Sadaa Kannali, Kanneera Dhaare, Gelathi Baradu and Yaava Kaviyu have additionally been exceptionally sweet and prominent. Other than movies, he rendered his voice for some reverential tunes.

Upwards of 17 artists offered voice to Rajkumar before he began singing his own particular tunes, and that was after he had been representing more than two decades. Until 1974, Dr. P B Srinivas was Rajkumar's most continuous singing voice in movies. Notwithstanding, once when P.B. Srinivas was not accessible to sing for the film Sampattige Sawaal, Composer G K Venkatesh urged Rajkumar to sing. With the melody Yaare koogadali, Rajkumar restarted his singing vocation, which had ceased after the motion picture Ohileshwara. In this manner started his adventure as the most acclaimed performer vocalist that the Kannada film industry has ever seen. Artists, who loaned voice to Rajkumar incorporate Dr. P B Srinivas, Yesudas and Ghantasala Venkateshwara Rao.

Later on, Rajkumar sang melodies for every one of the films in which he acted, furthermore as a playback vocalist he had sung numerous tunes to others.

Notwithstanding established, light traditional and film style singing he had additionally aced 'mattuu'(free style singing in Kannada legendary shows like musical drama singing) style. The best cases are in motion pictures "Bhabruvaahana" and " Bhaktha Prahalaadda. Rajkumar was likewise a decent harmonium player.


Rajkumar's sibling, S.P. Varadaraju worked with him in his creation organization. He had 2 sisters, Sharadamma and Nagamma.

He was hitched to Parvathamma, who later turned into a film maker. They have three children, Shivaraj Kumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar and Puneet Rajkumar, and two girls, Lakshmi and Poornima.

For the reason for Kannada 

The "Gokak report" prevalently known as "Gokak varadhi" was about making Kannada a mandatory dialect for essential instruction. Considering that the dialect is talked by a dominant part of individuals in Karnataka, the Gokak development's objective was to give Kannada the same fundamental right as of now delighted in by other authority dialects in their particular conditions of India. At the point when the Kannada scholarly specialists and understudies began this development there was a positive reaction from the basic man in Karnataka. It picked up energy when Rajkumar was requested that lead the development. He turned out to be effectively included in the development and soon turned into the power behind the Gokak development that was intended to convey Kannada to the cutting edge. He took a rally from Belgaum to Bangalore and gave talks about the significance of Kannada. The administration reacted emphatically and Kannada was to wind up an obligatory dialect of instruction in Karnataka. Guaranteeing admiration and nobility for Kannada dialect and Kannada society were the foundations of his life.


On July 30, 2000, at 72 years old, Rajkumar, his child in-law Govindaraju and two others were captured from the performing artist's palatial house at Gajanur in Tamil Nadu by the desperado Veerappan. Veerappan was requesting the arrival of his posse individuals who were being held in prison under an ancient hostile to terrorism law. The occasion incited a monstrous manhunt and tossed the Karnataka government into emergency. Rajkumar was discharged unharmed on November 15, 2000, following 108 days of bondage. His capturing and the way in which his discharge were secured are a riddle right up 'til the present time.

Passing and result 

Dr. Rajkumar kicked the bucket at his home in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore, on April 12, 2006 (13.45 IST) taking after a heart failure. He had a background marked by heart-related issues and had been admitted to Wockhardt Hospital for treatment of precarious angina. His wellbeing had been a worry after the hijacking and since the demise of his sibling S.P. Varadaraju.

Because of his overwhelming picture, the city for all intents and purposes stopped as the news spread about the demise. His passing hastened a far reaching response practically identical to the time he was abducted by Veerappan. Taking after the news of his demise, there were significant agitation in Bangalore city essentially because of absence of prompt courses of action for fans to get precise news and offices to see the body. The Chief Minister H.D.Kumaraswamy later asserted that the brutality was impelled by vested political hobbies however resistance faulted for need auspicious arragments by capable associations. An informal bandh (conclusion of all shops and different foundations) was declared. More than 100 vehicles were blazed; eight individuals were slaughtered in police terminating. Footage of the mobs were incorporated into a scene of the American appear, 30 Days. The show was shooting a scene about outsourcing and wound up amidst the uproars when Chris (the subject of the scene) needed to drive home from his occupation. The state government announced an expansive occasion on April 13 as a sign of admiration to the previous performing artist. Private firms and organizations everywhere throughout the city and numerous parts of the state stayed shut because of the occasion.

His body was first kept at his home in Sadashivanagar. Notwithstanding, because of tremendous group weight, the body was moved at first to Palace Grounds and after that later to the Kanteerava Stadium. He was let go in Kanteerava Studios in Bangalore on April 13, 2006.


The Karnataka government reported to make a Rs 10 crore dedication in the memory of Dr. Rajkumar at Kanteerava studios. The dedication is under development and would like to be done in one year. What's more, the arrangements for the Memorial is to screen Dr.Rajkumar Movies in a unique Auditorium. Point by point calendar is yet to be reported. As on now a Memorial is assembled, which is right now worshiped by large portions of his Fans. Karnataka Government has selected specialists to take care of this Memorial. The arrangement is to construct a Garden with an Auditorium, where the films will be screened. The dedication is fabricated utilizing Marble stones. On his Birthday,April 24 2008 , it was similar to a celebration in this spot, fans came here to observe Rajanna's - Brother(Dr.Raj Kumar) birthday. Around 10 - 20,000 individuals arrived on that day. Dr.Raj kumars Family individuals were likewise present there in the morning. It is said that "Shivraj Kumar (Elder Son - Kannada Actor) comes here before beginning any new film to have the endowments of his dad Dr.Rajkumar.
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