Theri' Movie Review

Theri film survey is here. Featuring Ilayathalapathy Vijay, Samantha and Amy Jackson ahead of the pack, Theri is a standout amongst the most anticipated Tamil films of the year.

Keep perusing our survey to comprehend what precisely Theri brings to the table Vijay fans and general moviegoers.

Theri Plot:

Indeed, even before the motion picture made it to the extra large screen, executive Atlee had admitted that Theri has a straightforward plot. I might want to call it an attempted and tried plot.

Vijay, driving a basic life, has a covered up past. He then transforms into a man loaded with retribution. Why is he on a vengeance looking for spree and what is his past? Uncovering the responses to these inquiries may stop you from watching the film.


Notwithstanding Vijay, Theri would fall into the 'not worth watching' classification for most motion picture buffs. Actually, the star on-screen character's capacity to captivate his group of onlookers with effective dialog conveyance, appeal and acting ability, spares Atlee from having a red face.

Nainika's execution is another highlight of Theri. The adorable young lady's propinquity with her dad, played by Vijay, is the spirit of this activity performer.

Mahendran's eagerly awaited acting introduction is not stupendous without a doubt. In any case, his dialogs are a screamer for which Atlee must be credited.

In spite of the fact that Samantha's portrayal is conventional, her capacity to think of believable execution emerges. Amy Jackson then again could've finished with a superior wig. Her execution however is on the normal side.


One of only a handful couple of encouraging points in the specialized division comes as dialogs. As specified before, Atlee must be acknowledged for penning some noteworthy dialogs that keeps you snared fairly.

Another positive is George C Williams' cinematography. The cameraman has pressed extravagance in each scene, because of the use of various tones and hues. His points as well, are very amazing.

Interestingly, GV Prakash adds to both the positive and negative parts of the film. While his BGM is captivating and suits the inclination well, his tunes are a debacle. Wrong arrangement of melodies doesn't help either.

Proofreader Anthony L Ruben has made a reasonable showing with regards to in keeping the film as tight as would be prudent. However, there is just so much you can do as a manager while managing a motion picture that has a serious screenplay. He could've abbreviated the general length of the film however.

One of the greatest stresses of Theri is its moderate and unsurprising screenplay. While the principal half is on the normal side, the last half is too ease back to accept.

Stuffed with enthusiastic scenes, Theri experiences some poor written work by the Raja Rani chief. It might likewise help you to remember numerous effective Tamil films, which doesn't help the cause.

General View:

Getting propelled is totally reasonable. Be that as it may, contingent upon the motivation keeping in mind the end goal to offer your own item is a matter of grave concern. With an attempted and tried storyline and a normal screenplay Theri is a long way from what was normal. Be that as it may, it has every one of the fixings required for a family performer.

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