Beyonce tributes Shawty Lo by moving to "Dey Know" amid her set on the Formation Tour in Atlanta

Shawty Lo was given one of the most noteworthy, after death compliments any craftsman could get in the music business on Monday night. The Atlanta rap symbol passed away a week ago all of a sudden and appallingly as the aftereffect of an auto collision, prompting huge numbers of his kindred MCs and craftsmen to pay tribute to him. Yet, very few of those performers would ever rank higher than Beyonce, who chose to show affection to L-O amid the previous evening's Formation Tour stop in Atlanta.

In the fan cut seen above, look as Queen Bey utilizes one of the move recesses amid her execution as a chance to sign up "Dey Know," Shawty Lo's best known solo number. Alongside her artists, she shimmies and shakes, much to the pleasure of the group. She tops it off by pantomiming blowing a kiss to the sky, which ought to most likely give Shawty programmed cool focuses according to alternate heavenly attendants.

To the extent tributes go, Drake could take in some things from Beyonce with regards to respecting the musical legacies of the a wide range of urban communities specialists stop through while on visit.

Watch another edge of Bey's tribute beneath. Don't hesitate to backpedal and return to some of Mr. L-O's best known tracks with our handpicked playlist

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