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The year 2016 has seen near twelve loathsomeness drama flicks and chief Govi's "Nayagi" joins the rundown. It is not simply one more, as it will be associated with years to want a wrong reason. "Nayagi" is the film with repetitive ghastliness and agonizing parody, which is truly difficult to sit through notwithstanding with the end goal of assessing.

Sanjay (Sathyam Raju) a pompous short movie producer takes his unwavering young lady companion Sandhya (Sushma Raj) to his companion's visitor house with the evil aim of undermining her. Be that as it may, they are veered off to a secluded cottage. Before long they find the nearness of a phantom Gaytri (Trisha) who is unmistakable just through a portable camera.

Later Sanjay discovers that Gayatri and her dad (Jayaprakash who is likewise an apparition, we assume) are set for either change or murder the men who cheat ladies under the affection of adoration.

What happens to Sanjay and his young lady companion and what is the story behind Gayatri that made her an apparition baying for the blood of unfaithful men-frames whatever remains of the film.

Executive Govi appears to have had little administer to a story with a similarity of oddity or a script with intriguing thoughts. The reason of a duped young lady transforming into an apparition out to murder wanton men, is as old as the slopes in Kollywood.

The whole first 50% of the film depends intensely on droll comic drama which barely brings out chuckling. A large portion of the jokes of Sathyam Raj (who gets a lion's offer in first half) for the sake of parody really aggravates and nobody will act in the way he does when he knows he is at a spot frequented by a spooky soul. Sendrayan's character is included the second half to zest up the comic remainder yet a million dollar prize should be given to somebody who discovers how the producers thought these scenes will make anybody giggle.

The segment that brings out rushes of chuckling in the theater however is the pre-peak segment and the melody which shapes part of the end of the apparition's flashback. This is the bit which the essayist ought to have expected as the genuine and hard-hitting part of the film. Indeed, even alternate parts of the flashback which frames the foundation of the film has nothing to connect with or divert aside from the way that it is set in 1970s and the endeavors to bring credibility for the period is obvious.

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There are a couple of thoughts that truly work here and there: the lead character trying to end up a champion and her fantasy alive even subsequent to turning into an apparition, the phantom being noticeable just through a portable camera and the phantom utilizing a bundle of men slaughtered by her to sicken her new target. Be that as it may, these are path short to spare the film from being a difficult watch.

For a film charged as a bilingual, the Tamil rendition has a considerable measure of Telugu flavor; even the outfits of men look like Telugu style. Yet, this looks a minor issue when contrasted with alternate ones in the film.

Sathyam Raju regardless of running over the edge with his jokes, gives a perfect execution generally furthermore figures out how to raise a couple snickers. Sushma Raj is satisfactory for her part and makes an imprint in the scenes where she appears as a phantom.

The film should have a place with Trisha however tragically it is most certainly not. With such an ineffectively composed character she neglects to have any effect even with the setting and the ensembles of the 1970s. The "Bhayam" tune (additionally murmured by her) which comes amid the end credits will be the main redeeming quality for Trisha fans.

Jayaprakash has recently been squandered. it is truly unsettling to see individuals snickering at his motions in the pre-peak melody which is really not his issue. Veteran entertainer Brammanandam comes in the peak segment and he has been increased the value of the cast. It is a stun to see Ganesh Venkatraman in a character this way and his execution additionally comes up short.

Raghu Kunche's tunes don't include any worth. Sai Karthik's re-recording possesses all the necessary qualities. Cinematographer Jagadeesh Cheekati has made an estimable showing with regards to with his focal point particularly in night and indoor scenes.

Decision: Not prescribed regardless of the possibility that you are an impassioned fanatic of Trisha.

Rating: 2.3/5.0

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