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The film depends on the life of air lady Neerja Bhanot who was shot dead by fear based oppressors who seized Pan Am Flight in Karachi on 5 September 1986. Sonam Kapoor assumes the title part in this film follows the voyage of a 23-year-old flight specialist who relinquished her life while securing the lives of 359 travelers. Shabana Azmi assumes the part of Neerja's mom. Music arranger Shekhar Ravjiani makes his presentation and plays Neerja's affection intrigue.

The film begins in Mumbai's Navjeevan Society where Neerja dwells with her folks and two siblings.

At the same time the chief additionally indicates how a gathering of Libyan psychological oppressors are motivating prepared to go on a mission.

Neerja is an obstinate Rajesh Khanna fan and she is always mouthing discoursed of the hotshot or singing his melodies. Over from a displaying task, she gets the chance to bed after supper and solicitations her mom to get her up at 1 am on account of she needs to take the Flight No 73 to New York by means of Karachi and Frankfurt.

Her sweetheart (Shekhar Ravjiani) drives her to the air terminal. He gives her a letter and a birthday present before observing her off.

Neerja needs to open the letter however Shekhar makes her guarantee that she will just open the letter on her birthday that is September 7. The flight takes off regularly. Neerja is the central attendant and does her due determination. However when the flight stops at Karachi, the fear mongers enter the plane. since Neerja has cautioned the pilots, they leave the cockpit. The fear based oppressors hence can't fly the plane to Cyprus. Disappointed they get their revenge on the travelers.

They are quick to focus on the Americans. However Neerja shields them.

The Pakistani Government tries their best to slow down the psychological oppressor by means of talks. However there are a few causalities.

After a long drawn show with firearms and projectiles, the Pak military strengths figure out how to outsmart the fear monger. Neerja spares the greatest number of lives as she can. However when she tries to shield three unaccompanied minors, she gets a slug and passes on.

Her folks inundate her powder furthermore declare the Neerja Bhanot Bravery Award. On her first demise commemoration, her mom Rama separates as she tells individuals how she is so glad for her girl for the overcome accomplishment yet she misses her every day.

Neerja is the most youthful beneficiary of the Ashok Chakra for courage from India. She additionally got the Tamgha E Insaaniyat Award from Pakistan and the Special Courage Award from the USA.

Sonam Kapoor Full Body Touching and Kissing With Ayushman khurana

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