South Indian Actress Angana Roy Hot and Romantic Scene from Kabadam

Kabadam is a 2014 sentimental thriller Tamil Movie. Kabadam implies Deceitfulness. Kabadam stars Sachin and Angana Roy in lead parts. Kabadam motion picture has least characters with center being basically around Kabadam lead combine Sachin and Angana Roy. Kabadam melodies are made by Sathishkumar while he likewise did Kabadam film rerecording. Sachin has beforehand acted in motion pictures like Yathumagi with Sunaina. Angana Roy has already acted in films like Megha, Vathikuchi and Ragalaipuram.

Kabadam motion picture manages an insane legend Sachin who anticipates that his going-will be-spouse Angana Roy to carry on and dress absolutely. Yet, Angana Roy feels his state of mind is backward and she feels choked in the relationship. He values virginity while she feels it is exaggerated. Kabadam motion picture indicates Sachin having a maniacal side when Angana Roy does not obey him.

He abuses her and blames her for having an awful character. She needs to sever the engagement. She misleads him and remains in a lodging to get free off him. It is then uncovered that she was going behind his back with his companion. Sachin takes after her to the inn room. He doesn’t realize that his companion was double-crossing him. His companion understands that Sachin won’t hurt Angana Roy and chooses to escape the place to abstain from getting got.

Angana Roy tries to take the assistance of an outsider however Sachin botches him for her partner and hits him with a vase. Kabadam saint Sachin then cuts her with a blade for undermining him. His companion then goes to the room putting on a show to help him. They choose to pack her in a bag and blaze the body. Sachin goes to get a bag. His companion then understands that Sachin realized that he was Angana Roy’s mate. He tries to escape however is gotten by the police. Sachin escapes from the lodging wearing a server’s uniform.
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