Horrifying Video: Man tosses two pythons on sleeping girlfriend

In an unpleasantly stunning video that has turned into a web sensation, a man is seen tossing two pythons on his dozing sweetheart as a major aspect of a trick, and even boldly recording the scarred lady's responses.

As per a report in mirror.co.uk, the beau started shooting the trick in the wake of frightening the hellfire out of the young lady in bed, awakening her by tossing the snakes on her.

In the video, the sweetheart is seen, alongside a companion, holding a cardboard box with the pythons, and afterward discharging them onto his better half.

"Child, don't move. There's two ginormous winds on your butt!" the sweetheart says, and soon thereafter the stunned lady requests that they be evacuated as they crawl over her body.

She shouts and howls before the ghastly trick at last arrives at an end as the snake is taken away. The unashamed beau is seen grinning towards the finish of the video even as the lady tries to deal with the loathsomeness.

Watch Video (Warning: Viewer prudence is exhorted)

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