Udderly adorable! Young lady teaches her pet cow to jump like a horse

Denied a horse as a child, New Zealand farm girl lovingly trains her dairy cow Lilac for seven years to jump obstacles and run in the wild. The 18-yr-old girl has been riding her heifer since the age of 11

Six years ago, when Hannah Simpson was told that she couldn’t own a horse, the New Zealand farm girl turned to the next best thing -- a cow. Now 18, Hannah has no regrets about not riding on a horse. Why?

The teenager has ensured that her seven-year-old Brown Swiss heifer, Lilac,is as good (if not better) as any pony in town. “I’ve always loved adventure and stuff like that. I wanted a horse and I couldn’t have one,” Simpson said. “We just jumped on and away we went, there was no training. And, she’s got better the more I ride her.”
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