Amazing dance video of the "revolution" brides wearing shorts ,Fast sharing in YouTube and has over 60 lakh viewers.

Until a few years ago, the preparation of wedding videos in India was a long and uninteresting topic. But now the Bollywood songs are preparing a number of interesting wedding videos. Since many women have started working in the past ten years, the atmosphere is no longer present.

In North India, a video of one of the brides who wore shorts in her wedding video has been fast sharing in YouTube and has over 60 lakh viewers.

Asked about this, what is the groom only to get all the happiness? Paratvaj amisa questioning as brides,

on the video, he was wearing shorts with his friends to a dance dances ankilappatal.

"I wonder why this video was shared so much because it is a normal event like a bridal party to be happy on his wedding day," says Amisha.

But many have expressed various opinions about the dress she wore and the song.

The bride amisa paratvaj said: - 

"My Video, Indian bride, if the model must be; let us, definitely in this video, I'm wearing the kind of clothes do not wear, such as the conservative ideas of disrupting"

"Indian Bridal immatiriyakattan to act for several days There is a unwritten law; The bride should be ashamed, occasionally laugh, and cry out when she leaves the parents. But the modern Indian Bridal how you expect it to be self-determine "

" This video is different to come do not think, but my subconscious know what I want the courage to carry with me was "

confident the younger community being a girl, I thus was able to do. Bridegrooms their worth

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